Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, another birthday has come and gone! I cannot believe I am 34 years old! Wait, am I 34 or 35...My sister just turned 36, so we are 22 months apart..Yes, I am 34! The girls gave me beautiful cards and Bill had gorgeous flowers sent to the house! He does that every year! Always confetti roses, just like the ones from our wedding! This place did not have any, so he sent peach. They were beautiful too! It was always fun to be at work when he sent them. The girls would always say,"Christen, your flowers are here" before they even saw who they were for! He is so sweet like that! I would get them on days for no reason at all! Now, stay at home mommy of 4 gets them at the house! So sweet! I also got a GC to the Salon here in Celebration. It was so sweet, but when am I ever going to have 4 hrs by myself with no kids to get my nails and toes done?! I will start looking for a sitter now, maybe I will use it before my next birthday! Oh, and I can't forget my birthday cake, my favorite, Red Velvet!!! YUM!

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