Sunday, February 8, 2009

This cold in FL??

I can not believe how cold it has been here! This is Florida people! I know, either I am too hot, or I am complaining that it is too cold!

To all of you wonderful ladies that have given me awards, I am working on a post to thank each and every one of you! The bug has been through my entire house, and I am proud to say we are all healthy now! Madi got sick inside the toy box, and then in the bathtub, and the same night wet her bed (for the first time ever), and Allie got sick in her crib! All in the same day! Lovely week here, let me tell ya! BUT- I am back to blogging daily~pinkie swear!


Mrs. Dwiggins said...

aww...Glad everyones back to themselves! & Glad your back you've been missed!

Montee said...

I know whenever it gets a little cold in Florida, it feels REALLY cold. My husband is headed that way March 1st for Spring Training. I imagine within the first couple of days he will be eating at The Tavern or going to the sushi restaurant there.

Susan said...

Sorry it is so cold there! Your
40's feel like our 20's....don't worry though at least you have sunshine with the cold!! My daughter AND husband started throwing up last night! Why can't it be just one person per week!!! Hopefully they will heal quickly and my son and I WILL NOT catch it!! good to have you back:)

melissa said...

Yep, we've had some chilly temps here.

Glad your girls are feeling better :)


Anonymous said...

glad all are better? when is the tampa move?

3 Peanuts said... sorry about all that sickness. I t is nice an warm here:) Hope y'all feel better soon.


The Golf Widow said...

That's crazy.It's been really hot know 68ish. Glad the little ones are better :)

carolinagirl said...

So glad you are back. There is another stomach thing going around here and I am just praying that we don't all get it!