Friday, March 13, 2009

More snow to come!

They are calling for more "wintery mix" here at my sister's house, so we broke out Georgia's sweater!
This is Andrea's front yard . She and her husband built this house with my Dad and a few of Mike's police buddies. We have pictures of my sister on the roof with her nail gun! Yes, we are night and day :)

Georgia would not look at me. I think she is a little upset about the sweater.


LyndsAU said...

that house is amazing!! and Georgia is precious :)

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful house! I wonder if your sister would allow a little 'tour inside'. It looks even better with the snow layer outside!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what a gorgeous house! The snow makes it look so lovely!

Hey, if you just HAPPEN to want to get rid of any of your little girl stuff you don't need anymore, please keep me in mind. I will pay shipping!! :) I need to stock a room on a tight budget.

ilovepink said...

My sister and I are very opposite in ways too! isn't it funny!!! PS: I tagged you!!!

Bei Tesori Boutique's Blog said...

The house is AMAZING!! Wow. And the dog is scrumptious. I couldn't help but laugh at the photo/comments. Funny.