Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava!

My niece, Ava, had a nail salon birthday party and my girls had a blast! I could not believe how still Mallory was while the tech was clipping her finger nails! She gives me a fit when I try to do it. Now I know where to go when its time
to clip her piggies! She is no dummy!

Miss Ava Reece
The girls made their very own cupcakes! Can you tell?

Braden, Mallory and Gavin

Ava and Nicole (my sister in law)
All the girls!
Look at Madi's tan feet!

Sweet Mallory

This is the life!
The birthday girl!


Neisey said...

Aww! How cute!

Patti said...

Adorable! I'll have to do this for Alex!

Lauren said...

So adorable! I've been thinking about this for my girls!

♥Kim said...

What fun! There so cute!

Our Journey said...

Looks like they had fun! So cute!

Felicia said...

Oh they are just adorable..some serious cuteness going on there