Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Madi

Wow, what a busy, but Wonderful Holiday! We had family here from Greenville and Atlanta, and I loved it. My brother in law fried the turkey, and although I was born and raised in South Carolina, this was my first fried turkey. Pretty darn good! My sweet Madi turned 5 on the 27th, along with my nephew Braden who turned 13, and my Mom turned @% on the 29th! My mom left on her Birthday to head back to Greenville, so I did not get any pictures, but I hate she spent the day on I-95! Sorry Mom, but I was so glad to have you here!
The Birthday loot! Braden is having a huge party with a DJ when he gets back to Atlanta, so that's why he has no gifts to unwrap, and we gave him $, so that's already in his pocket:)
The "other" Canamare kids
Braden, Ava and Gavin
St.Augustine, FL
Canamare clan
St.Augustine the day after Turkey Day

Birthday boy and girl
Miss Allie loved the cake
My sister-in-law Nicole with her teenage son!!!
My daughter Ashlyn, who thinks she is a teenager!
Dada with Allie Grace before the birthday cake in front of our tree :)
Two peas in a pod
My mom and I were there, even though there is no proof! :) Happy Birthday Mom, Braden and Madi Kate! I love you all!


melissa said...

What a fun weekend with all the birthdays and cousins together! My oldest had his on Thanksgiving day this year.
Love all Madi's pink presents and cake!

Patti said...

Happy Birthday Madi!

Amanda said...

precious - and your SIL is beautiful!

Susan said...

What beautiful photos! Happy birthday to Miss Madi:)

Just Ask Beth said...

your family is precious!! Congrats on baby boy William.. I have 3 girls and I am too old for another, but a boy would have been nice also, but dang I love girls!!

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