Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love Christmas lights!

The girls and I had a ball driving around Celebration looking at Christmas lights. I think I enjoy this as much, if not more, than the girls! It is my favorite thing to do during the season! They had some that were unbelievable. I am talking all out Christmas vacation, Chevy Chase style.
My big girl Ashlyn. Can you tell I dressed up for the occasion!? We had a ball downtown watching the snow fall and seeing Santa. (from a distance, Madi was not too sure about him)
Mommy with all of her girls! Probably one of two pictures that I have of me with ALL of my girls. I am always behind the camera. My mom took this one, or I wouldn't have it! Thanks Mimi. I miss you already.
A fun night!
My beautiful first born! Definitely not a baby anymore.

Last, but not least, Mimi and her granddaughters! My Mommy. Mallory still wakes up and says,"Mimi, Mimi mommy?" They miss you very much. We all do.


Jennifer said...

How cute! I love the Christmas pj's! That's the one thing I give my kids every year that they open Christmas Eve. :) It's getting harder as the boys grow up to get holiday themed pj's, but I keep looking. LOL

I also like to drive around and look at the lights. I often think of the Deck the Halls movie with Danny Devito.

Susan said...

You are truly blessed to have such precious little girls! Love the PJs and yes, the lights are my favorite! In my hometown they have "Fantasy of Light Show" and every year my parents and our family load up in the SUV and drive through....LOVE IT! Have a great day:)

Montee said...

What is Christmas without jumping in the car and looking at all the lights? Your girls look so precious! I know you enjoyed your time with all of them together. You live in a great place (of course not quite as good as SC) and I am sure it is even prettier at Christmas.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Love the pics - everyone looks so adorable as usual!!!!
I can't wait for this rain to stop here in SC so I can take Avery around to see more lights - he loves them and it just melts me to hear him say "ooohhh how pretty"!!!!

Anonymous said...

What cute jammies!!

Preppy is me said...

you have a beautiful family! you girls are so adorable and they all look like you in some way. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! my mom and my sisters and I always go on that drive around to see the christmas lights. there's this house in maryland it's HUGE right, and the christmas lights are sooooo elaborate and beautiful it's amazing. i swear they must of had it like professionally set up lol

Anonymous said...

precious shots. glad u all had a wonderful time.

Liza said...

How is it that with a sweatshirt on and your hair pulled back you still look GORGEOUS?! Do you ever not look beautiful? :) (ignore me, I am just jealous!)

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