Monday, December 8, 2008

My great sisters

My niece Brandi,my big sister Andrea, and my nephew Ben
Lauren with her 2nd man, Gavin!
Lauren and my adorable niece, Kaiden!

I can not believe this is my little sister! Lauren has grown into such a beautiful lady and Mommy! Andrea is a great mommy and has always been such a great big sister to us! I am so proud of both of my sisters, and I just thought I would let them know.
I am doing this because I care, but I also don't want to spoil the Christmas pictures for the people who are getting my Christmas cards this week:) Not that they are so amazing, but I always like to be surprised by new pictures! Don't you?
We all need to do a link thing and post our Christmas card for 2008! I can not be the one to host this, because I don't have a clue how to do it.


Preppy is me said...

that's so cool she got me meet Gavin!

Angie said...

I love the pics of your sisters how pretty! I think showing our Christmas cards would be fun...but I have no idea how to do it either!!

Jennifer said...

Hey there! Cute pictures!

I need your mailing address for the Pillsbury prize from my blog. :) Please email it to me girlie! :)

Mommie of 2 said...

I just thought I would write and tell you how much .... i agree with you! I am wonderful. Thank you for acknowledging it! JK I love you, our talks and our families :)

ilovepink said...

I just love my sister too! I am so glad my daughter will have a sister to share life with!

carolinagirl said...

What a nice post! I only have one sibling, my sister, and I love her too! Love the Christmas card idea! We sound alike...I always like to save my photo for our Christmas card too! :)

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas card was beautiful- Abby was so excited to 'see' Madi again! You did an amazing job with their photo - how you ever get all four looking and smiling at the same time!

Shannon Deitz

The Golf Widow said...


I'm so glad I got your beautiful Christmas card before it was posted. I do love a surprise and it was worth it! I'm up for the card link-y thing.Host...ha!I probably won't even know how to play along. :)

Amanda-The Family News! said...

CUTE!! I have one sister myself. I love her so much!! I am just glad to be the baby sister!!!!
Oh and check out my blog for a linky for something similar to your idea - great minds think alike!!!

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