Friday, June 13, 2008

Packed and ready!

Mommy and the girls are off to South Carolina to visit the family for 2 weeks! Yes folks, I am driving 10 hrs with 4 kids! Three of those kids under the age of 4! One being 12 weeks! Holy crap, I have lost my mind! Notice the UHAUL? That is for the baby swing,bouncy seat,high chair, portable crib X 2, and the double stroller! Oh, yes, and our 4 suitcases! A girl must have her shoes,bows,monogrammed bloomers, and a portable princess potty!(Quit making fun of me right now Heather) We will not use nasty public potties! Well, I will, but the little ones won't! YUK!!! OK, well I am off to finish Father's Day night, because Daddy must stay here and work! I will blog from the trip and of course send out some great pictures! See ya soon!

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