Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Soccer for my prissy girl????

Well to my surprise we signed Madi up for soccer camp, and she loves it! I was shocked to see how much she loved it! We got her pink cleats, a pink soccer ball, and she was pumped!! The first scrimmage she scored 2 goals! Bill went nuts! He played soccer in high school, so this is a dream for him! Especially since clearly he is not getting a boy!

I do not see how those kids do it! They are out there from 9-12! The coaches are really good about sitting them down w/ water, giving them Popsicles and even taking a break for the water fans! Madi loved those! They spray out cold water! I did not get any action shots, but I will tomorrow, because she will have her uniform! They had to special order a XXS for her. She is the youngest one out there, and they are supposed to be 4 yrs old, but her Daddy pulled some strings!

While Madi was in soccer camp, I took the other 3 girls to the pool! Holy cow! I had to pull a wagon for all the crap I had to carry! I was spoiled back home w/ the pool in our back yard! Oh how I miss it!!! Allie did great! She slept the entire time so that was perfect, and Ashlyn and Mallory played great! I met 3 nannies sitting out there! Maybe I can steal one! HAHA I thought I had a nanny, but she is not going to work out. She is too busy with her other job, so we could never find times that worked for both of us! I will be back tomorrow scoping out the pool for my new nanny! I'm so bad!!!

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