Thursday, June 5, 2008


Have you ever had a day that you just feel yuck! Unattractive and fat! Today is that day for me! We have church tonight, and I have nothing to wear because none of my clothes fit! I refuse to go buy clothes when I am so not the size I ever wanted to be, so I have maybe 3 outfits to choose from! I know my sweet husband gets sick of seeing me in these outfits, but what am I to do. He tells me to go shopping and get me some outfits, but I am afraid if I clothe this big booty the size it is now, that I will not be motivated to lose this baby weight! I know some people say ,"just get out and walk with the girls"! OK, first let me tell you that it is freakin 999 degrees here in Sunny Florida, and to walk with my girls I would have to push 2 strollers! See Below

This picture below is when we lived in Charlotte, NC. It was a black tie dinner to meet the entire Bobcats Basketball team. Dinner, dancing, and an auction for team signed jerseys, balls ect. It was awesome! My husbands company were sponsors of the team, so we sat court side at the games and met numerous players and stars. I miss those games! Anyway, my point was that I need to get back to that size! Does anyone have any good diet plans that have WORKED! I know, like my husband always tells me," it is all about your diet,what you eat and what you drink"! I already gave up my coffee, OK, my creamer! My coffee looked like milk, so I knew that had to go! Way too much sugar intake every day! I have a treadmill in my garage that I could do when the girls take naps, but what if I pass out from heat exhaustion! No one will find me until my husband gets home at 7, who would pick up Ashlyn from school, get Mallory up from her nap, feed Allie Grace when she wakes up? That can't happen! I could move it inside, but where in the world am I going to put that huge monstrosity! I better find a place, or my rear is just going to keep growing! I already have not worn shorts since high school!(truth, just ask my family! Hubby has never seen me in shorts) In FL, can you imagine how this is working out for me!!!??Bill has lost 35 lbs and I think, I know, I found those 35lbs! Well, I am done feeling sorry for myself! Sorry about the down post, it is just one of those days!!! This is a terrible picture, but it is actually a picture of the picture! It is now on my fridge!!!


Strawberry Momma said...

All I can say is...WELCOME TO FLORIDA, where you will NEVER have a good hair day again!(until we get a cold snap around late Jan-early Feb..aka berry season in my neck of the woods!!) Thanks for all the sweet comments~e

Kiss My Tiara said...

you are adorable and so are your girls! i'm sure that baby weight will come off in no time but just an idea have you ever tried weight watchers? after i gained the freshman fifteen a couple years back i did weight watchers and lost 25 pounds it was fantastic and i loved it! just an idea! that picture of you and your husband is gorgeous!! :)

Lori said...

I still have 20lbs from my last pregnancy....and he's starting Kindergarten this Fall! :0
I'm the same way about clothes! lol

Lori said...

Oh, and this is a GORGEOUS picture of the two of you! Your hair is so cute!