Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Mallory

Happy Birthday Mallory!

This morning after church, we rushed home, changed clothes, and were off to Sea World to celebrate. Bill took this picture of us this morning after service, and I wish I could photo shop Ashlyn in, that would make it perfect!

First we did the presents and cake. It was so good! Extra sit-ups in the morning for me.

Sea World had a great event going on for Halloween. They were all dressed in sea character costumes, and were passing out candy.

Mallory loved this lady in her fish costume.

Mallory just had to take her baby doll with her to "wide wides". Madi gave it to her for b-day.

What a great Daddy!
Waiting in line. You know he is about to burn up!
Even Allie Grace was having a ball!
Madi's favorite thing at Sea World are the penguins!
Watching the penguins swim and dive into that freezing water. I could have sat in here all day. It felt wonderful!
Of course we had to end the day with Shamu! Here is Shamu waving at the crowd.
Shamu spinning on the deck. Amazing!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Thank you for always making me smile. You have the biggest heart, and I am so thankful for you everyday. We love you so much!


Mrs. Dwiggins said...

Happy Birthday Mallory! She seemed to have had a great time! You really have a gorgous family!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

Happy Birthday Mallory!!!

I didn't realize she is only a few weeks younger than Avery!
And look at the teeth Miss Allie Grace has...Lauren still doesn't have any - she's almost 9 months old!!!!!

N.M.B. said...

Some of the pictures of your girls are so timeless. I looked at a few of them and had a hard time telling if they were pictures of you as a little girl or of your kids. Absolutely love them...They are such adorable little girls with their little shoes and ruffle socks.

Angie said...

It looks like Mallory had a great
2nd b-day! What a great way to spend the day, at SeaWorld, how fun! Your pictures are so cute, I love the one of you and your girls is adorable!!

Debo88 said...

I love the pictures! Please tell Mallory that her Mimi loves her and Happy Birthday.

The Pink Owl said...

You have a beautiful family!!

p.s. I thought of you at Fall For Greenville :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a really fun day!

Preppy is me said...

your family is gorgeous :] happy belated b-day mallory!

Grits said...

Happy Birthday Mallory! All of your girls are so adorable! What cute southern belles.

ilovepink said...

What a beautiful picture! I love Sea World and wish we lived closer! I cried at the Believe show! How pathetic!!!

The Golf Widow said...

It seems like she was just born yesterday, not turning 2!

Sea World, How fun! I keep forgetting there's no fall in FL.I'm sure Bill was dying with 2 girls on his shoulders!

They look so sweet hugging Mommy!

I'm glad Mallory had a great Birthday!

Montee said...

What a fun birthday! We have been to Sea World Texas in San Antonio. The picture of you and your girls is just precious. Come visit my blog again. Carolina Girls are always welcome! What do you think about Bowden getting fired?

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! We love Sea World!

One great thing for kids is their day camps during the summer. My boys loved going!

Tiaras and Timeouts said...

Beautiful picture of you and the girls!! What a fun bday for Mallory! Sea World is my favorite but nothing compares to MK for the girls! Our FL friends have announced that they are probably moving back to Pittsburg soon, so we will have to plan another Disney trip before they go!

new mom in law said...

We have a Mallory in our family precious niece! This picture is BEAUTIFUL! Just recently started reading your it!

The Golf Widow said...

Ok Blondie! I saw how you fixed your sister's comments.LOL Why don't you log in as me and make me one of those cute little picture follower things?

Amy said...

Happy belated Birthday...and on another note, that picture of you is gorgeous!!!

3 Peanuts said...

I love that photo of all of you! I know you are sad that your oldest daughter isn't in it. It is beautiful nonetheless and you are a strong and selfless Mommy!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What great photos...particularly the one of you and the girls.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Mallory, what a beautiful picture of you and three of your four girls!!!