Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleeping Angel

I don't ever want to forget what these looked like. Those fat little fingers, or the back of her head when she is taking a nap.
I love her feet and her little piggies!
Just as sweet as ever!
My sleeping little angel, I love you more and more every day!


ariette2003 said...

I can't stand it - I miss all of you so much.

Debo88 said...

Wish I could hold her.
I love you,

Amanda-The Family News! said...

I love sleeping baby pictures. I could watch my little ones sleep all the time!!!! they are SO precious as is Miss Allie Grace!!!!

Lori said...

Oh my goodness!! Those picture are the sweetest!! I love her sweet little fingers too! Not to mention her crib bumper! lol (I have some of that same fabric and just love it!)
I took pictures of my babies sleeping too and I'm so glad...they are so priceless to look back on.
These are adorable...enjoy!!!

Hollie said...

now that is just precious.

I got Kate's black and white dress from Target...a week or two ago actually, so they still might have some!

Strawberry Momma said...

Simply adorable!

Tiaras and Timeouts said...

SO precious!! Thank you for reminding me!

Have a great weekend!!

Angie said...


Go check out my blog! You have something waiting for you there!
Have a great weekend :)

Jennifer said...

I love watching my kids sleep. They look so peaceful and full of grace.

I also love little fingers and little toes on babies! Your little girl is adorable!

Have fun at the huge garage sale tomorrow. We had hoped to go but the pool guy is coming in the morning. If he gets done in time we may try to head out that way. But my son has a game at who knows! If you see any good deals, give a hollar! LOL

The Golf Widow said...

It's hard to top a sleeping baby.Only thing I guess is when they are sleeping in your arms (not that mine ever would ever go for that).
She is so adorable.Look at all that hair.Are you sure she's not mine?
I too love the chunky little fingers and piggies not to mention the sweet little fat roll they have on their thighs.
Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW - so precious! I have SUCH baby fever!!!

Johnson Party of seven! said...

I swear I think we are twins seperated at birth!!! I took those same pictures of HUtton a little while back for the same reason.... I just didn't want to forget! I also have four girls and LOVE Fipping Out and The Hills. I love to dress my baby girls in smocked dresses and hairbows- Oh... the list could go on I am sure. Your family is precious. I want to read more of your blog but it will have to wait until after church! Thnaks for your comment about Hutton. We think she is a doll too!
Jill Johnson