Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I AM alive!

Boot camp is kicking my BOOTY! Holy cow this is hard! Here was my Monday:

5:15 alarm goes off

5:45 on the lawn for Boot Camp and immediately started with Indian runs. We all run in a line for 1/2 a mile and the one in back runs to the front, then the next person does it after them, and this continues the whole way! Lots of curls, crunches,push-ups, and all kinds of other stuff. Cool down time- Yes, I made it through the first day!

7:00 feed Allie Grace and get a shower

8:30 take the girls to the church

9:00 I go to my first day of Bible study Beth Moore Breaking Free (love it)

11:00 pick up girls

12:00 Pumpkin Patch with our cute little friend Bennett from school

I love the way Mallory is looking at her big sister

Holy bow!

Madi and her new BFF Bennett! Madi says his "hair is cool". He is a doll!

Allie Grace is ready for a nap!
1:00 Chick-fil-A with moms and kids from preschool

2:30 Home and everyone took naps- even Mommy
Lord, thank you for getting me through the first day !


Grits said...

Sounds like a great day! And high five for a first day at boot camp. I wish I had one near by; I think it might really help me kick my butt into gear!

Amanda-The Family News! said...

What cuties!!! I love the matching outfits!
Do you make Allie's bows? Just trying to figure out about the "ribbon" part around her head...is that just part of the bow? Lauren has the same hair situation as Allie so we can't enjoy bows like I would like for us too!

I am so glad you survived your first day at boot camp! I am sure I would have hit the ground hard doing that running stuff...

Mommie of 2 said...

You are going to be in my jeans before you know it! Keep it up. Half the struggle is doing it, and that parts over, so you are on your way Ms. Thing. YAY!!!!!!!! PS: I have taken a Beth Moore class, and she IS awesome! I have heard her speak acouple of times at Women of Faith and she rocks!

Kiss My Tiara said...

I am so proud of you!!! Waking up at 5:45 and you still managed to get those girlies in the cutest little halloween outfits ever :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! How often do you have Boot Camp? You're my hero :)

My Mom does the Beth Moore bible studies, she loves them.

Jennifer said...

Adorable!!! Congrats on the first day of boot camp! Do you go to a location near you? Very cool.

Love the matching outfits too! And the adorable orange bows!

ariette2003 said...

Adorable! I miss you and the girls so much.

Grits said...

It is a small world! (and nice to meet another Carolina Girl!) :-)

Lauren said...

Good luck with Boot Camp! I am impressed that you are able to be up and moving that early. I need to follow your lead!

Johnson Party of seven! said...

Precious girls! Just so stinkin cute!
Thanks for your post on my blog! You are an angel!

Good luck at boot camp! It looks "fun".... well that may not exactly be what I was thinking!

Jenny said...

Love the pumpkin patch photos!!! Your girls are so cute!!!! Love the bows!!!!!!!