Thursday, May 15, 2008

Counting down...

I am so excited! One more day until I hop on a plane to go have some much needed family time! I am so excited about seeing my sister and my mom that I just cant stand it! After this past week, I need a little quite time! Madi has stopped going to "school", so needless to say, my days have been pretty crazy! Madi, Mallory and Allie Grace 24/7 is enough to drive me nuts!! Bill and the girls will be going to Tampa to spend the weekend with his brother and the cousins, so I know he will have tons of help! I am taking Ashlyn and Allie Grace so the family that did not get to make the trip in March can meet her! Let's just pray that she sleeps on the plane!!!! Just one more day!

Brandi and Ben, I can not wait to see you guys! You too Uncle Mike!!

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