Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Family weekend to remember!

Allie Grace and her Great Grandmother, Mamma Doris. We had so much fun this weekend with the family! I miss them so much and it was great to get to spend time with everybody!

Andrea and I went to eat dinner at the neatest little restaurant in downtown Liberty! I mean where else can you get a steak,shrimp,hush puppies, mashed potatoes,salad and an awesome sweet tea, for $13.00!!!!!! It was so good, and after dinner we sat with a few of her friends from the baseball team and had a few drinks! These guys were hilarious! We had such a good time!! Saturday after Ben's baseball game, we had a cookout at my sisters, and my aunts,uncles,cousins,godmother,mom,grandmother,step dad,well everyone was there! It was so much fun! Andrea grilled out hamburgers, and they were so good! Before I knew it is was Sunday morning and I was getting on the plane to come home... I sure do miss my family!

Thank you Andrea and Mike for a great weekend! I love you guys very much!

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