Friday, May 30, 2008

What a night!

WOW! What a relaxing night! Bill took me to The Gaylord Palms Resort for a little getaway!We enjoyed a few drinks, a wonderful fillet cooked to perfection,and these lovely desserts that the restaurant brought to us as a surprise. The name of the restaurant was Old Hickory Steakhouse. One dessert was from the restaurant and when we walked over to the sailboat bar to have a few after dinner drinks, they brought us another anniversary dessert. It really was worth every penny! We will definitely go back!

This beautiful resort had a sailboat inside, live alligators and a rain forest that was to die for! All right inside of the lobby! Great shopping too!

Bill also surprised me with a beautiful pearl and sterling silver necklace. After dinner we walked by one of the jewelry stores located in the hotel and he bought me this beautiful turquoise bracelet. He truly is a wonderful man! Because he is a huge Cowboys fan, I bought him these great Dallas Cowboys cuff links! He wears cuff links Mon-Fri to work, so he can't have enough! I know he has over 25 pairs easy!

How nice to just getaway! I did not have to referee squabbling sisters, or even wake up for a night time feeding! It was wonderful, and I even found a part-time nanny out of the deal! Bill got one of his friends 22 yr old daughter to babysit, and she was great! The girls had met her at church and loved her, so when she showed up they were so excited! So was Mommy! Her parents own a realty company here in FL, and she lives 5 min away from us! Just down the street! I am so excited to have her!

Now after all the great food and drinks, and looking at myself in those pictures, I am going to get on my treadmill! Back to reality! Oh yes, I knew I was home when I walked in and Mallory fell off the couch and Bill had to take her to the Dr because she knocked her elbow out of the socket(she is fine, they just popped it right back in place and she was smiling as usual)and Georgia our Yorkie had a seizure! A little grape jelly and she was running around barking again! Yorkies have a thing with low blood sugar! Madi didn't make it to the potty and wet her pj's and Ashlyn is mad because I won't give her $20 to spend at the school book fair! I gave her $10, that is plenty! Welcome home!
Bow curtosy of Ashlyn! It lasted all of 10 seconds!


Elise said...

You look so pretty and what nice gifts, sounds like you have a great hubby! (Especially since he likes my BF's ties:)

Lori said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Happy Anniversary!