Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trails,trails and more trails

This is Ashlyn on one of the many trails that run through our neighborhood! We take the girls about 4 times a week on a bike ride and we always end up downtown getting ice cream at Kilwins! That darn trails runs us right into Starbucks and the ice cream parlor! I still have not figured out why I am not losing any of this baby weight! You think it might have to do with the 3 mile walk topped off with 1 large scoop of coffee ice cream? Maybe!

This is the back of one of my favorite houses in our neighborhood! This lake is also where Lucy lives! Our neighborhood alligator, and yes we saw her today ! Freaks me out every time!

We also see plenty of these on our walks. The girls just love these big birds. I think they are called cranes! You know you are in Florida when you see cranes and alligators on your nightly walks! Also, when you get home and your clothes are soaking wet because it is so freakin hot outside! Welcome to Florida summers! UGGG!

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