Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our wedding anniversary! Bill called and told me that my first set of directions were to make a list of what all the girls need at night and that he would call me back later with my next set of directions! Holy crap, what is he planning? What will I wear? I have all of this baby weight,(I still love you little Allie) and nothing fits! I mean nothing! I can wear my cute strapless sundress from Motherhood Maternity! Oh yeah, I am not pregnant anymore, I just look like it! Last year he bought me this beautiful David Yurman ring, that I absolutely love and that he picked out all on his own, so I just assumed having 22,000 kids that I would get more jewelry! I know we can't ever go anywhere without the little ones, so who is watching my kids?What are we doing? What the hell am I going to wear? That means I need to go wash my hair and clean my house! I will let you know what he does! Off to clean my body and the house!

I will try to find pictures from our wedding and post them this weekend! It was such a beautiful day! This is us at Atlantis Paradise Island resort in Nassau Bahamas. Horrible picture, but I am short on time right now, and it is all I could find!

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