Monday, September 22, 2008


Here are a few pictures from Ashlyn's football game, and they won!

This is my wonderful mom and my beautiful sister with Ashlyn at her b-day party! I can not believe my first born daughter is already 9! Time really does fly by!

This was a very busy weekend, and I will post those pictures in the morning!
My husband Bill had a birthday on Friday, and because I wasn't feeling too hot, he went and picked up his own cake. I know, that is pitiful, but I felt really yucky. Saturday we woke up and went to Fun Spot and rode rides for 3 hrs, came home, and Bill took the big girls to the pool. Mommy stayed home with Allie and took a nap, plus the pool would require a bathing suit. Not happening people! Maybe after boot camp I will do that, but not now! Sunday we went to church and to lunch at Celebration Town Tavern (our favorite weekend spot) and then Bill took the girls to see Elmo Grows Up at UCF. They had a ball and were back in time to see the Cowboys beat the Packers! Good weekend!


Amanda said...

I am glad you had a good weekend...sounds fun!! We had a busy weekend too! We did our photo shoot at Falls Park and Avery's birthday party Sat afternoon... jam packed!

I am with you on that bathing suit thing - maybe next year! :)

The Golf Widow said...

Oh, she seems 9. We miss her!

Tickled Pink Talk said...

Hey there, I just found you from Journey to Our Daughter (i think..) Your girls are adorable! I give you so much credit for letting your oldest stay with her dad.
Hey, good luck with the boot camp. I need to be doing that too! ugh.