Sunday, September 7, 2008

A sister sleepover

When we were in Greenville 2 weeks ago Ashlyn and Madi had a "sister sleepover". Madi went to spend the night with Ashlyn at Robbie's house. How funny does that sound! My daughter spent the night with her sister at my ex-husbands house. Dear Lord!

They had so much fun and Robbie and his wife Robin were so sweet to entertain Madi for the night. It was so funny when Robin(Ashlyn's step mother) called me and said that they were fighting alot at bedtime so they were going to need to separate them. Welcome to my world sweetie! They did have a great time, and Madi loved seeing "Sissy's room in Greenville". I am so thankful that Robbie and I have such a great relationship. This makes it so much easier on Ashlyn.

Ashlyn, I will see you soon sweet heart. Have fun tomorrow night at Mimi's for piano lessons! She may be your grandmother, but you still have to listen and PAY ATTENTION! I may be in Florida, but Mommy is always watching you (just like Santa) I have eyes everywhere.

Ashlyn and Madi playing dress-up. Ashlyn is growing up so fast.

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The Golf Widow said...

Who knew that would happen.It's great how things have just fallen into place.They both look so grown up.
Did you send the princess potty?