Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a morning!

I woke up this morning and got Madi ready for preschool. Today was Teddy Bear picnic day, so we had to take Glowy Chloe (she lights up when you push her paw). Ashlyn came up with the name, pretty good huh!

When I told Mallory to go upstairs and get her shoes, this is exactly how she came downstairs while yelling," I weady,I weady to go Mama!" Look at that belly!! Too sweet!

When it was time to go get Madi I pushed the double stroller and carried Allie Grace in this:

I did a post not so long ago on my wonderful double stroller, well, I do love it BUT, if I hear any more of this I will scream: Don't touch me! Keep your feet on your side Mallory! That is my strap! Give me my sippy cup! My hand was here first!

What a morning!


Krystyn said...

Your girls are precious. I love the getting dressed picture.

I'm still torn on the double you are making me re-think it.

ilovepink said...

Oh how exciting!! I can't wait to hear those little sibling squabbles!!! Remind me I said that in a few years!!

preppy little dress said...

your children are adorable!!!

preppy little dress said...
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preppy little dress said...

hey there, just checked out your profile. i see you are living in celebration, i love it there!

the downtown is so cute! you all have the best sushi and italian restaurants there.

i am heading there in april, can't wait!

i hope my parents move down there one day! they loved it when they were down there this year and last!

Andrea said...

Dee gave her the teddy bear so she would feel safe at night when she moved ALL the way to Fla.