Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's a great day!

Another successful day at preschool, followed by a very long nap, and topped off with a stroll in our new jogger stroller!

Why in the world did I not buy this thing 2 yrs ago? I have been pushing around this double stroller that weighs about 2 tons and is long as my husband is tall, 6'4 that is. We returned the old one (glad I kept the box) and got this one for only $35 more. That is the best money I have ever spent. It even has a plug with speakers for my IPod. I know my sister is laughing right now and saying,"what is it with you and the ipods!" Our baby swing also came with a plug for an ipod. We never used it, but it was pretty cool to have. This stroller feels like I am pushing 20 lbs. Wonderful. I walked 1 hr, and I could have kept going, but Allie was getting fussy. Yes, she was in her new BabyBjorn carrier. I wish I could have gotten a picture of me pushing 2 kids and carrying one. This weight better start falling off quick! 3 lbs since Saturday, I'll take it!

This picture of the girls was taken on my phone in the dark garage, so it is not the best quality, but as you can see, the girls love the new stroller. I did hear toward the end of the ride, "get your feet off my side,MALLORY and quit touching my juice cup!"


The Golf Widow said...

Your pretty brave to let the world hear what's on your ipod. I'd never admit to some of the songs on mine.
The girls look so cute. I know what you mean about the side by side, personal space is always an issue.
3 lbs is awesome!

new mom in law said...

Is it the McClaren?

Jennifer said...

How fun! I wish they would have had these strollers a few years back with my youngest. But you know I don't even know if they had the iPods yet! ROFL Hubby laughed at me when I bought a shuffle so that I could listen while walking. My iTouch is too much for a walk. LOL

What an adorable dress! I love it. Did you do the monogram??

ilovepink said...

I am on the hunt for a double stroller. If you get a chance, will you tell me what kind yours is?? Thanks! You make taking care of 3 kids while exercising too look like a breeze!!!

Tiaras and Timeouts said...

I feel your pain! We had the Graco Duoglider when Riley was a baby and Sydney was 3, and I always said it was like driving a Mac truck! We were so happy to graduate to the awesome Chicco stroller...

LOVE the pink/brown dress with monogram! Where did you find it?