Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Mallory

Mallory is getting so big. As a baby she would never let you rock her or cuddle. Never did this child fall asleep on her Daddy's chest. She wanted to be turned around and see everything going on. Now all of a sudden she wants to be rocked every night. I love it! When she is ready for bed she will grab her blankie and point to the stairs saying,"bed,bed, night-night". Such an easy child to put to bed. Now Madi, that is another post. She would stay up until 10 if I let her, and still wake up at 7! It is amazing how different all 4 of my girls are. No two are alike. This definitely keeps things interesting!
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ilovepink said...

My baby would never let anyone rock her to sleep either. She has always been independant. I wonder how the next one will be.